A. T. Weaver
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About Me

I started writing gay novels at the age of sixty after meeting over 3,000 gay men who were in a Yahoo group for fans of a TV show. I often say they educated me as to the inequalities suffered by the LGBT community. They also started me reading gay stories. It seemed all of the stories dealt with some type of tragedy. One of the men challenged me to write a story "where the boy gets the boy and they ride off into the sunset together."

I try to show gay men in possible situations and to show that gay people are just people. Some are good, some are bad. They work, play, fall in love and have families.

People often ask where I got my pen name. I belong to a group that recreates the Middle Ages. In that group, I am a spinner, dyer, and weaver named Alisaundre. When I got my first user name for an email, every combination of my name had been taken and I ended up with alixtheweaver. I didn't want to put the surname of my children on a gay novel. Thus - A (alix) T (the) Weaver.


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