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First Impressions
Catriona's Curse
The Boss's Son
Shifter Born
See You in the Morning
Josh's Christmas Angel
Cousins Four - Lizzie

Cousins Four - Lizzie


In First Impressions Don't Count, we met the four young Johnson cousins. There are Mike and Lizzie the twins whose biological father is their Uncle Dave, and Scott and Catherine the children of Uncle John.

Thirteen years after that Christmas, Grandmother Johnson has requested everyone come home for what is probably Grandfather's last Christmas.

Join Lizzie, Mike, Scott and Catherine as they reunite.


Lizzie is unhappily married when her husband admits he slept with her cousin, Catherine. After their divorce, Lizzie moves to New York to work with Uncle Jesse's cousin Seamus.

A few years pass and she meets Sara. Sara causes Lizzie to question her own sexuality - "My biological father is gay, my twin brother is gay, my cousin Scott is gay, is it possible that I'm gay?"




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